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My Home Recording Studio<_>

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my home recording studio

After years of playing music and paying for recording time I decided to try me hand at recording at home.

I know some basics and decided I'd go the computer route. After sending $700.00 on a M-box and Protools. I found that this wasn't my cup of tea.

So then I got an old Fostex FD-4 with a scsi drive and found I liked it.It was like a tape recorder but used a hard drive for tape.

I than started adding other hardware updated to an FD-8 got a larger mixer and started having a lot o fun.

I became more creative and a better musician because of this little studio. I learned how to arrange music,write songs,play other things besides guitar.

I've had some others record some demos here and they seem to like my little studio to.

I don't charge for studio time this as this is not a business nor do I sell the music recorded here that is free to download on my other sites.

down below is a music player with some of the songs created here they are free to download.


Giving Thanks !!! I'm writing this to thank the Lord for the things He has given me to do his work.

And to thank the people He used.

I'm a disabled vet with no money to spend on music equipment 5 years ago I didn't even have a guitar.

Rex Condor gave me the Fender Starcaster guitar,the Carlo Robelli 12 String guitar,the Yamaha SPX 5D,and the Yamaha JX30B Amp in the photos,
my brother in law Dan Martin give my an Eq,
G.E.Sassani gave me the Tascam DA-88 and the Digitech RDS 1900 delay,My nephew Kevin Rott for the 1965 Harmony Guitar,
Earl Kerbo gave me the rest of the equipment and instruments(or the money to buy it with)that I have to make and record music with.

I thank God for using these people to let me know He wanted me to do the music. I thank Him for the strength to overcome the pain I have in my hands to play the music.

I am truly thankful




Equipment and Software List.


  • Alesis ADAT 8 track digital recorder
  • Tascam DA-88 8-Track digital recorder
  • Fostex FD-8 8-track Hard Disk Recorder
  • Fostex D-80 8-track Hard Disk Recorder
  • Akai S2800 Sampler
  • Akai MPD 16
  • Akai MPD 18
  • Akai DPS 12i 12 track Hard Disk recorder
  • Alesis 3630 compressor
  • Alesis XT Digital Reverb
  • Alesis Midiverb II Multi-FX
  • Alesis Air FX Multi-FX
  • Behringer Mic 800 preamp
  • Behringer Virtualizer Pro Multi-FX
  • Behringer Eurodesk SL3242FX-Pro Mixing Desk
  • Behringer BCA 2000
  • Yamaha SPX 50D Multi-FX
  • Yamaha DD-50 Drum Machine
  • Yamaha JX30B Bass Amp
  • Digitech RDS 1900 Digital Delay
  • Digitech DSP 128 Multi-FX
  • Digitech RP 200 Artist multi-fx
  • Tascam PB-32P Patchbay
  • Tascam Fireone computer interface
  • TOA Series 1000 31 band EQ
  • Optumus 10 band EQ
  • Aphex Aural Exiter C Type
  • Crate XLP Guitar Preamp
  • Roland S-330 Sampler
  • Roland MT-32 sound module
  • Roland SP-404
  • Proteus 1 Sound Module
  • M-Audio Keystation 49e
  • Philips CDR-775 Cd-Burner
  • JVC SVHS Stereo VCR
  • Johnson J-Station Amp modeler
  • Steinberg MI4 recording interface
  • Realistic SCT-74 Cassette Deck
  • Realistic STA-2280 Amp
  • Boss Dr.Rhythm Section DR-5


  • Realistic Optimus 50 Monitors
  • Panasonic SB-263D Monitors
  • JBL J216A Monitors


  • Apple Garageband with hundreds of loops (Mac)
  • RS-16X (Akai MPC emulation)(Mac)
  • Ableton Live 4 (Mac and PC)
  • Sony Acid 6 with hundreds of loops (PC)
  • Sony Soundforge 8 (PC)
  • Sony Vegas 6 (PC)
  • Sony CD Architect (PC)
  • Sony DVD Architect (PC)
  • NI Absynth 4,B4II,Pro-53,FM 8, and Massive Sound Modules (Mac)


  • The Ghost Mic (Handmade Wooden Condenser Mic)
  • Nady SCM-800 Condenser Mic
  • Superlux ECO-H6A Condenser Mic
  • Behringer ECM-8000 Condenser Mic
  • Radio Shack Wireless Mic
  • Audio Technica DB 125 Mic
  • Shure Prologue 10H Mic

  • Koss Sp-3xc Headphones
  • Realistic Nova Pro Headphones
  • Relistic Nova 55 Headphones


  • Dean Baby ML
  • Dean EVO XM
  • Dean EVO Dragster
  • NO Name Strat
  • Gibson Marauder
  • Jackson Dinky
  • Ministar Lestar
  • Brownsville Choirboy 12 String
  • Homemade Toilet Seat Guitar
  • Harmony Monterey Guitar

  • MiniStar Basstar Bass
  • Handmade Wedge Bass


  • Mac Mini G4
  • Compaq P4


iTunes get music on

Pics From DOA 2010

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